Thursday, 28 July 2016

Summer Smoke

Oh sweet summer! My favourite season of the year! Which is very ironic since I live in Canada. And this year, we have been blessed with a really hot summer and that really makes me happy. The only difficult thing about summer is that you can't really play or experiment with a lot of makeup because 1. It's going to slide off your face and 2. Mix of heat + bacteria = your face breaking out. But the good news is that we all get a beautiful tan that you can use to your advantage. Today I created a summer smoky eye that is perfect on a summer night out! I also used my friend Sharon as a model because frankly, I think using my face all the time is just not fun. Sharon has a completely different face structure and overall colouring to her than me, so it was a lot of fun playing with her face!

I apologize for the quality of the photos. These are actually stills of a video because I couldn't capture the photos I had in mind. The lighting was working against me and I was using my phone's camera.

Products Used


  • Marc Jacobs Undercover Perfecting Coconut Primer: lightly applied all over the face.
  • Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation: applied a small amount to the centre of the face and blended out.
  • NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer: this product was actually mixed in with the foundation and blended out all over the face for a natural glow.
  • Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer: applied a small amount under the eyes and on some spots.
  • MAC Prep+Prime Medium Highlighter Pen: applied a small amount around the nose and blended out onto the cheeks for some light and lift.
  • Cover FX Sunlight Custom Enhancer Drop: applied to the high points of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow for a sun kissed glow.
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder: applied under the eyes and nose area to set the face products with a very loose, fluffy brush. I chose a fluffy brush because I wanted a minimal amount of powder on the face.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: gently blended all over the face to enhance the tan and set the rest of the face.
  • Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light Bronzer: dusted on the centre of the forehead and cheeks for a luminous glow.
  • Becca Gipsy Blush: applied to the apples of the cheeks.
  • The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter: applied to the high points of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow to further intensify a highlight.


  • Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer: applied to the eyes, blended out and set with a powder to act as a base for eyeshadow.
  • MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow: applied to the crease and outer corner, for warmth.
  • MAC Brown Script Eyeshadow: applied to the crease and outer corner to add dimension.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette Eyeshadow: applied only on the lid for a gold look.
  • Illamasqua Ore Pigment: applied on top of Marie Antoinette and slightly blended into the crease.
  • Makeup Geek Cherry Cola Eyeshadow: added to the outer corner for a smoky effect.
  • MAC Teddy Khol liner: applied to the lower water line and smudged into the lashes.
  • MAC Twinks Eyeshadow: applied to the lower lash line to set Teddy and give a smoky look.
  • #105 Ardell Lashes: cut to fit the eye and applied to the top lash line.

  • Kryloan Silk Lip Liner: used to accentuate the natural lip shape and pushed into the lips.
  • MAC Pink Plaid & Creme Cup Lipsticks: mixed and applied to the lips.
  • Buxom Lavender Cosmo Lipgloss: applied to the centre of the lips and blended out to add shine.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

It has happened again! Yet another company has released a highlighting product. But you won't hear me complaining... I love to make myself glow. There's just something magical about looking like your skin is producing gold out of your pores! However, Cover FX has done it in a different way, with a unique formula. I have tried lots of highlighters and I can honestly say that I have not seen anything quite like their Custom Enhancer Drops.

When I first heard about this product through all the social media hype, I was very excited to get my hands on it and try it out. Originally, I wanted to get three shades to add to my kit, but I told myself to calm the hell down and just start with one. If you are interested in other shades, they are absolutely beautiful and you can click on this link for more info:

I would highly recommend going to your local Sephora and trying the shades on your skin. Social media and even photos can be misleading. I can honestly say that it was rather difficult taking photos and capturing the product and it's sheen. The Enhancer Drops retail at $52 CAN. One bottle has 0.52 FL OZ which makes the price a little bit steep but, the amount of product you get will last you your lifetime. 

Like I said before, I was looking to purchase 3 shades which are Moonlight, Sunlight and Candlelight. Moonlight and Sunlight are very similar and I feel that you don't need both. Sunlight is a bit more gold, so if you are someone who has a yellow or olive undertone, this one is for you. Candlelight is a bit deeper, it is a beautiful bronze which will look gorgeous on someone with a deep tan or a naturally chocolate skin tone. Celestial is the lightest one and it has a strong silver undertone, which is perfect for those with a porcelain undertone. It was really beautiful but unfortunately it is too light for me. I feel that in the future, I will purchase Candlelight for my kit and just for the sole purpose of mixing it with my NARS Liquid Bronzer.

This is Sunlight, it has a high metallic shine. All of the shades hold this type of sheen.

As you can see, this product is a liquid highlighter. The formula is light but creamy. It blends very easily but it does dry quickly, so play time is limited. If you take too long to blend this, keep in mind that it can make that area patchy. When applying this product, remember this: a little goes a long way. Start with a very small amount and build the product until you are happy with the consistency/glow that you have. You can mix your Cover FX drops in your foundation, or apply it directly to the skin. You can apply it with your liquid products or you can apply it on top of a powder product... just remember to apply little and build. However, I wouldn't apply this product or any liquid product on top of a heavy coverage product (like MAC Studio Fix powder). That is just a recipe for a cakey disaster.

When it comes to the way I apply this, I feel that I have more of a "old school" approach. What I mean by that is, I like to apply liquid products on top of each other, before I go in with dry products. Think of it as baking goods - you add the wet ingredients together first, before applying the dry ingredients. I also like to mix my makeup products ALOT. I begin with mixing my primer with a light moisturizer, blending it into the face and allowing the skin to absorb those first. Then I mix my foundation, liquid bronzer and a tiny hint of Sunlight. I apply that potion on the face and let it sit. Before applying a powder highlighter, I like to add a small amount of Sunlight, directly on the areas where I want a glow - cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, centre of bottom lip, tear duct, brow bone and sometimes even the d├ęcolletage.

A swatch of Sunlight on the tip of my finger. Capturing swatches of products is something I am not good at so I apologize. I need a camera that can zoom and focus better.

A swatch on the hand.

Sunlight blended on the hand. Look at that glow. It really sits beautifully on the skin.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves a beautiful highlight. Cover FX did such an excellent job on a unique formula and all the colour ranges. I would love to see Cover FX do a liquid blush version, as well. These drops will last you forever and you can wear this product all over your face. The drops are easy to work with, whether you are a makeup artist, enthusiast or just a humble beginner. Happy experimenting!

*Note all photos were taken by me and belong to me*

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Runway Inspiration: Georges Hobeika Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Georges Hobeika is a new designer for me and I fell in love with this collection! I really love the way he combines colours together in the clothing. The details were beautiful in everything. Certain pieces had this beautiful bow detailing on the spine. The models also wore gorgeous embellished pieces in the hair and around the ears. I mean, I can talk on and on but I feel that the photos explain it much better...

The following photos are my favourite pieces from the collection:

White, grey & a mustard gold combo is just delicious!

Love the blue, embellished jacket & that bow detailing along the leg that was shown against the spine

I have no words except I really love this...

Look. At. The Colour...

I mean, this colour...

This is my favourite one!

Watch the entire collection: 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Runway Inspiration: Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Ahh, Elie Saab... forever dreamy! This collection (like every single one) was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the rich colours and different textures of fabrics. There was quite an Old Hollywood theme to this collection, or so I thought anyways...

The following photos are my favourite pieces from the collection:

Black, Gold & a hint of sparkle...

I'm really obsessed with this one!

This is so much fun!

This rich colour is so beautiful...

Absolutely love the colour, all the beautiful detail on the chest & those flowers are just perfect...

Watch entire collection: 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Runway Inspiration: Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2016-2017

This collection was all about lace... and more lace. Which is so typical of me but what can I say? I know what I like. I absolutely loved the rich colours that we're incorporated in the collection. Very boho, rich and filled with sparkle... every girlie girl's dream. During the show, a awesome remix of Queen's Bohemian's Rhapsody played where the lyrics, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" set the mood for the clothes.

The following photos are my favourite pieces from the collection:

Who wouldn't wear this? Who doesn't like this rich colour?

I love the combination of this green & purple

This is my favourite piece. If I could actually afford this, I would never take it off.

Watch the entire collection: 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bastille Day

I just had to get on here and talk for a moment.

I can't believe what happened in Nice on the 14th. I can't believe what is happening in our world. So many innocent people have lost their lives... I cannot wrap my head around it. It makes me so sad that violence, hate and anger are the prominent issues on our planet. The human race is better than that. If we can hate, we can also love... 

Today I came home from work, and my and my sister informs me of what has now happened in Turkey. It's just constant, it is spreading like wild fire. 42 people have died in Turkey and 84 were killed in France... I just don't understand. Violence is never going to bring peace. Anyways, I'm going to stop blabbing on!

I'm thinking of everyone in Nice and in France. My prayers and thoughts are with you, your loved ones and the ones that have passed on. I send nothing but love your way...

My prayers and love go to Turkey, I hope everyone is safe... And to every corner of our world, as much as there is bad, there is much more good <3 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Runway Inspiration: Guo Pei Fall/Winter 2016-2017

If you ever wanted to believe in fairy tales, ethereal worlds, mermaids and goddesses, let Guo Pei make those dreams a reality. The designs are just incredible and really show you it pays off to be one of a kind. This collection is just so imaginative and beautiful... makes me feel like a little girl again!

The following photos are my favourite pieces of the collection:

If Narnia had a good ice princess, this would be her.

Love the gold snake detail against the black. There is also a gold detail on the back but unfortunately, I couldn't find a photo. If you watch the video, the details are shown.

This one is my favourite. I mean.. the colours, the dragon scale fabric, the details on the head piece?!

Watch entire collection: