Fuchsia Fusion


Texture! I'm all about texture! I wanted to do a look where I used different makeup products to create texture on the eye. With this look, I used mascara and glitter to achieve that. This is a fairly simple look to create and it looks so beautiful when the light hits the eyes!

Products Used

  • MAC Saucy Miss Eyeshadow: this matte eyeshadow was wrapped around the eye! I applied Saucy Miss to the crease and lower lash line, until the desired pigmentation was achieved.
  • Urban Decay Tonic Eyeshadow: applied only on the lid. Tonic has a very cool holographic effect to it! This eyeshadow is really beautiful and pigmented.
  • Jazzy Glitter in Tailsman: applied to the base of the eye, almost to act as a liner. I used eyelash glue on the lid first and applied small portions of the glitter, until I was satisfied with the amount of glitter on the eye.
  • Essence Purple Mascara: this mascara was used to create spots on the eye. Using the head of the mascara wand, I randomly spotted on the mascara to the inner and outer perimeters of the eye.
  • NARS Barrow Street eyeliner: applied to the lower water line, for a pop of colour and brightness.

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